To support research and fulfill the learning process via lab experiments, our research group is equipped with physical, chemical and geophysical data acquisition system described in the list below. The administration of these equipment is  run by the Earth Physics Laboratory which is part of the PECS Research Group.

Information regarding laboratory hazards and safety please check the Physics Department EHS Procedures here (in Indonesian).

“New” Our software products.

Our hardware product (in Indonesian).

Our laboratory equipment :

  1. Worden Gravitymeter
  2. GISCO Proton Magnetometer
  3. GISCO Turam Electromagnet
  4. Brigs-Straton Motor Generator Set
  5. Gisco HEW200 Induced Polarization
  6. OYO ES-G1 Geoelectric Equipment Comutator
  7. OYO 2210 Potentiometer
  8. Copper and Iron Electrodes
  9. OYO TR4.24 Seismic Refraction
  10. OYO :32 Field Graph
  11. OYO:1340 Blaster
  12. Z-K. 14Hz Yellow Geophone
  13. Land Cabel
  14. Take Out Cable Ch. 1-12
  15. Take Out Cable Ch. 13-24
  16. OYO Geologer Electric 3000
  17. OYO Log Basic Unit
  18. OYO Log Power Unit
  19. OYO Measuring Unit
  20. OYO Data Recorder
  21. OYO Density Log
  22. OYO Linear Rate Meter
  23. OYO Sheave Cord
  24. OLO Log Cable Conector
  25. OYO Resistivity Log
  26. Micro Resistivity
  27. OYO log Caliper
  28. OYO Temperature Log
  29. OYO Density Log Sonde
  30. Natural Gama Probe
  31. Tripod Stand
  32. OYO Slope Meter
  33. Aluminum Porous-pot Electrodes
  34. OYO Elasmeter
  35. H – Y Recorder
  36. OYO Bore Hole Pick
  37. OYO Control Pump
  38. OYO Sonic Viewer
  39. OYO P.Wave Tranducer
  40. OYO S.Wave Tranducer
  41. Tranducer Clamp
  42. Osciloscope
  43. OYO McSeis 160
  44. Take Out Cable ch. 1-12
  45. Take Out Cable ch.13-24
  46. Geophone Blue
  47. Trigger Cable
  48. Power Cable
  49. ABEM WADI Very Low Frequency (VLF)
  50. Geometrics Proton Magnetometer
  51. Geometrics Proton Magnetometer
  52. Lacoste-Romberg Gravitymeter

We welcome invitation from institution and/or community that are interested to use our expertise and equipment to conduct field survey, laboratory research, and data interpretation.



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