About Us

The Physics of Earth and Complex Systems Division at ITB concern on complexity of the physical system and its response. By imposing the central paradigm namely complex system to the physical concepts, common tolls such as numerical methods, expert system and symbolic manipulation, nonlinearity and robust prediction, as well as fuzzy logic and artificial neural network are applied to solve the related problems.

Recently, the main research activities focused on the two main issues concerning the national energy survival and mitigation of the natural disaster. Those include electromagnetic technology for exploration, fluid dynamics and rock physics, as well as seismicity.

An international conference with the theme “Modeling and Inversion in Earth and Complex Systems” is being held on July this year. Reputable invited speakers on the related topic are joining the conference.


Our Curriculum

We offer several elective courses that are in-phase with the state of the art research on geophysics, environmental physics, econophysics, dynamics of complex system, and computational physics. Students from the Department of Physics, as well as students from another departments of ITB, can choose these elective courses as part of their study.

For Physics Department students, he / she must follow their respective core curriculum (Undergraduates, Master, or Doctoral degree requirements)  made by the department. For further information on this subject, please go to the Physics Department Curriculum dan Syllabus site here.


Undergraduate Classes:

In this strata we offer 7 classes that students could choose for their electives courses completion. For those who wants to work under our group member guidance for their final project, he/she must take the FBSK required class.

  1. FI2161 Physics of Earth and Complex System (FBSK required Class)
  2. FI2262 Environmental Physics and Natural Disaster
  3. FI3163 Electromagnetic Method
  4. FI3164 Computational Complex fluids
  5. FI3265 Physics of Geothermal System
  6. FI3266 Econophysics
  7. FI3267 Rock Physics


Graduate Classes:

In this strata we offer 2 classes that students could choose for their electives courses completion.

  1. FI6161 Earth Response Function Modelling and Investigation
  2. FI6261 Special topics on Complex System Physics