Research Divisions



Electromagnetic Induction (IEM)

Interest Group Leader: Prof. Doddy Sutarno

Interest Group Members:

Dr. Wahyu Srigutomo

Dr. Enjang Jaenal Mustopa

Dr. Nurhasan

Dr. Harry Mahardika


Rock Physics (FBP)

Interest Group Leader: Prof. Umar Fauzi

Interest Group Member:

Dr. Fourier Dzar El-Jabbar Latief


Wave Inversion and Subsurface Fluid Imaging (IGP)

Interest Group Leader: Dr. Bagus Endar Nurhandoko

Interest Group Members:

Prof Lilik Hendrajaya – Physics of Energy, Mineral and Natural Resources (Fisika ESDM)

Dr. Linus Ampang Pasasa


Natural Disaster and the Environments (BAL)

Interest Group Leader: Dr. Gunawan Handayani

Interest Group Members:

Dr. Alamta Singarimbun – Volcanophysics and Geothermal Resources

Dr. Neny Kurniasih – Computational Physics

Dr. Acep Purqon – Econophysics and Complex System