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[Apr04-2016] Undergraduate Course Highlight: FI3265 Physics of Geothermal System


This course discuss various aspects on geothermal energy, interior of the Earth, Heat Transfer, Geothermal Systems, Geothermal Exploration, and Exploitation of Geothermal Potentials.

For the current semester (Sem II 2015/2016), this course is given by Dr. Alamta Singarimbun

Topics covered in this course: Introduction to Geothermal Energy, Geothermal Energy as an Alternative Energy, Thermal Structure of the Earth, Temperature Distribution in the Lithosphere, Heat Conduction Process in the Earth, Heat Convection Process in the Earth, Typical Geothermal Systems: Hot Water Systems, Two-phase System (Water Dominated and Vapor Dominated), Hot Dry Rock System, Geothermal Exploration : Geoelectric Method, Electromagnetic Methods, Magnetic Methods, Self Potential Methods, Gravity Methods, Geochemical, Drilling: Temperature Measurement, Pressure Measurement, Flow Measurement, Estimation of Geothermal Energy Resources, Production Technology, Aspects of Environmental Aspects.


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